StrapMate™ – Swing Straps

Making your swing safe for everyone to enjoy is easy and simple with StrapMate! Whether you’re hanging a swing on tree branch, a patio beam or playground equipment, StrapMate is here to help make the process easier and safer. With the option between single or dual StrapMate, the possibilities are endless!

How Does It Work?

There’s no drilling or screwing involved with StrapMate. This allows you to easily install your swing without any extra handy work or damage to your property. You won’t even need any tools! StrapMate works with innovative and secure engineering that uses a high quality carabiner and hook snap with a safety lock mechanism. It can safely hold up to 780 pounds. All you have to do is lay the strap or straps over a sturdy branch of post, pull the carabiner through the loop, pull down to tighten the strap, and clip the hook snap to the swing!

StrapMate is made from the best quality materials that are extremely strong and durable. Both Single and Dual StrapMates are designed with water repellent and weather resistant polyester that is bonded with extra strength nylon thread. You’ll never have to worry about your StrapMate fraying, tearing, or shredding. You and your family can safely swing enjoy yourselves for years!

Choose Strap:

Two 4ft Straps

Two 4ft Straps

Extra Long

 5ft Strap

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Product Description

You may need a Dual StrapMate if you’re considering hanging a more traditional seat swing by two points. Your Dual StrapMate comes with two individual high quality and weather resistant straps that can hold up to twenty-eight hundred pounds and are SGS certified. The Dual StrapMate also comes with a 100& lifetime guarantee for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.