Rhino BagMate Blue

BagMate TM – Inflatable Lounger

Have you ever wanted a couch and a bed that you could take with you anywhere? Something that was so lightweight you could easily carry it on your back, and so easy to use you didn’t need anything to make it work except for the air around you? BagMate TM Inflatable Lounger does all of that, and more!
With BagMate, you will never need to bring another chair, sleeping bag or float with you on your adventures.  This easy to use and lightweight inflatable Air loungers is extremely versatile and the perfect companion for camping, a trip to the beach, Park or just hanging out with friends.

 How does it work?

You don’t need to carry around complicated and heavy pumps with you to inflate your BagMate. All it takes to inflate your BagMate is a little air. Fill the open end of your BagMate with air by waving it or running with it a few feet. It only takes seconds to fill up with air and fasten it with the double-secured buckle lock that prevents leaking. After a few seconds, you and your BagMate can be relaxing on the grass, sand or even water all day long!

What else can BagMate do?

BagMate is more than just a bed. It’s an all-in-one bed, chair, lounger, float, couch, and friend that you can take with you wherever you go. BagMate is extremely versatile, and with a little imagination can be turned into whatever you want.
The best part about BagMate is that its durable and made of Rip Stop Nylon. You can jump, roll, and lounge on it without having to worry about any rips or tears. It can hold up to 440lbs or 2-3 people at the same time, while only weighing a total of 3lbs. Sand, concrete, grass, rocks, dirt, water—BagMate is made to handle any terrain and withstand years of use!
BagMate even comes with a storage bag making it even easier to carry around with you. The bag acts like a backpack holding your BagMate comfortably and securely. It features two side pockets, a front zipper pocket and a back side pocket for holding towels, water bottles, and other personal items.

Anything else?

Did we mention that BagMate has an ergonomic design that practically begs you to take a nap on it? Because its stuffed with air, your body isn’t subjected to gravity and hard surfaces beneath it. Laying in a BagMate is like laying in a hammock, only you don’t have to worry about getting motion sickness from all the swinging.
The special nylon that BagMate is made of is comfortable and easy to clean. It’s dirt and moisture repellent, meaning you can just roll it up after each use without having to worry about washing it down. If you do need to clean it, all it takes is a little lukewarm water and neutral soap to get it looking like new again!
As long as you keep your BagMate away from flames and sharp objects, it can bring you comfort and joy for years to come. BagMate Inflatable Lounger is available in five different colors to suit your individual personality and style! Get your BagMate today for a comfortable and portable lounging experience!

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